on 6 Mar 2023

How to Deal With a Garage Door Emergency

You may not realize how much you depend on your garage door until it stops working, and you are left without a functioning garage door. But what...

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on 13 Oct 2022

Garage Door Won’t Close? Try These 6...

It can be quite frustrating to deal with a garage door that isn’t closing as it should. This is especially true if you, like many others, use...

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on 7 Feb 2023

7 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Cable Came Off

Every part of your garage door should be functioning to ensure optimal performance. However, there are some parts that are particularly crucial,...

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on 7 Jan 2023

5 Safety Tips to Optimize Your Garage Door

A garage can provide plenty of benefits—it can protect your car from the weather, give you extra storage space for your belongings, and preserve...

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on 16 Dec 2022

Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

How does cold weather affect garage doors? As it gets to the time of the year when the air starts cooling down, and the trees lose all...

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on 16 Nov 2022

How to Choose the Best Colour for Your Garage Door

Your garage door is a significant component of the exterior of your house, and what you decide to do with it can greatly impact the aesthetic...

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