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Commercial garage door services

Commercial Services

At Profix Garage Door we understand every business has unique needs when it comes to garage doors. You need to consider appearance, safety and security as well as the types of vehicles accessing your garage to choose the ideal commercial garage doors for your needs. We provide the best commercial garage door services in the GTA ensuring we meet all of your needs whether it is repairs, installation or maintenance. We offer tailor made commercial garage doors in Ontario regardless of the type of business property you manage.

Profix technicians are commercial door experts with years of experience in the industry. We specialize in commercial garage door solutions ensuring your investment sees the highest ROI and positively impacts your bottom line.

We provide garage doors that improve your image, keep your customers and staff safe and also create a brand-appropriate finishing touch to your establishment.

Commercial garage door services

Commercial Garage Door Installation

We offer commercial garage door installation available in a wide range of styles and configurations. Commercial garage doors must withstand the rigors of daily use, while also offering security and safety for your customers and staff. Whether you need roll up garage doors, insulated garage doors, fire-rated commercial doors, or a specific requirement for your industry or business, our commercial doors are specialty items that require expertise during the installation process.

We service all types of commercial, industrial and public sector garage doors including everything from fire stations to municipal buildings and hospitals and from shipping facilities to restaurant patios. Whether you need your doors to be all business and functional or add a sense of aesthetics to your property, we offer doors that are both architecturally detailed and designed for smooth operation and dependability.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

You depend on your commercial garage doors to operate safely and smoothly as part of your daily operations. However, because you use them throughout the day, and in some cases even 24/7 the parts experience rapid wear and tear. As a result, they are more prone to breaking than your average residential garage door. Profix commercial garage door experts can repair any type of problem including:

  • Commercial overhead door repair
  • Industrial roller door repairs
  • Industrial garage door repair
  • Commercial garage door cable repair
  • Commercial roll up door spring replacement

From a broken spring to an imbalanced door, and from doors damaged in an accident to faulty garage door openers, you can rely on Profix to arrive quickly. We will do a quick assessment to determine what repairs are required and offer cost-effective long-lasting solutions that will prolong the life of your doors. We are dedicated to our customers and stand behind our work with a 3-year warranty on parts and labour. We also offer periodic maintenance checks to verify that all components of the garage door are operating at peak performance.

24/7 Emergency Commercial Garage Door Repairs

When you have an emergency, we are ready to assist with 24/7 repairs including:

  • Commercial garage door panels
  • Commercial garage door rollers
  • Commercial garage door repair
  • Commercial door openers
  • Commercial garage door installation
  • Commercial garage door weather stripping
  • Insulated commercial garage doors
  • And more

Profix provides commercial garage door services when you need them, night or day, every day of the week.

You can rely on Profix for all your commercial garage door needs whether you need customized new garage doors, garage door and garage door opener repairs or garage door maintenance. We have the knowledge you can trust to prolong the life and optimize the performance of your commercial and industrial garage doors.

Commercial Garage Door FAQs

Headroom is an important measurement for the distance between the garage door height and the lowest point of the ceiling. This includes obstructions such as pipes and ductwork.

Backroom is the distance from the garage door to the nearest obstruction existing at the door opening.

Side room is the distance from each side of the garage door opening outward to the nearest wall or obstruction in your garage.

Tempered or insulated glass is best for full-view commercial garage doors. Commercial garage doors require the bottom 32” of the door to be tempered. We can discuss glazing options to find the best solution for your specific needs.

Yes. R-value refers to the thermal efficiency and insulating abilities of the door. Insulation helps keep the garage at the ideal temperature, which is important if staff work there. As well, insulation contributes to the overall energy efficiency and comfort levels of the entire building. For example, if offices or customer service areas share a wall with your garage, these areas will be colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. Doors with high R-value will save on energy costs. That said, you can purchase garage doors without R-value if these things are not a concern, such as a separate garage used for storage that doesn’t impact the rest of the business.

It depends on what types of vehicles you need to accommodate and whether you will require automated doors. We can discuss your needs and recommend the right rough opening required for the finished opening based on your door type and size.

Profix will provide a free consultation to determine the garage door size, look and function required and show you all options, so you make an informed decision.

Commercial garage doors are hard-working, with an average lift of six times a day. You should schedule annual maintenance calls to ensure your garage doors are safe and secure. However, if you have a busier garage and you operate the door more than 5,000 cycles before the year’s end, you should schedule your maintenance sooner.

Yes, we can install a replacement panel for damaged glass. We will match the panel to your doors using serial numbers. However, depending on the age and appearance of your doors, the panel might not be a perfect match due to wear and tear and fading. As a result, it might stand out, ruining the aesthetics of your business. We can discuss whether it makes more sense to replace the entire door.

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