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Garage door cable repair and replacement

Damaged garage door cables can make it impossible for your garage doors to open and close smoothly. If you try to operate your garage doors with damaged or completely snapped cables, you can cause damage to the entire system. At Profix we always recommend you stop using your doors and call our team to come in and assess your doors and make the necessary repairs to avoid costly damage down the road.

Your garage door cables are installed on each side of your garage doors and play an important role in working with torsion and extension springs. They are needed to move the door up and down smoothly without risk of falling. When either garage door cable is snapped it places stress on the remaining cable which means it’s just a matter of time before it snaps as well. This can be dangerous if someone is standing new the cable when it snaps as it can act like a whip causing serious lacerations or worse. As well the door can fall without the support of functioning cables.

At Profix Garage Door, our skilled technicians will assess your garage doors to see if the garage door cable came off or is damaged. They will provide an estimate for the replacement and installation costs. If your garage door cable broke, replacing it ensures you avoid cable failure problems that can lead to costly damage to other components of your garage door system. You’ll also avoid risk for injury to family members and damage to your vehicle or property.

Garage door cable repair and replacement

Common Causes of Garage Door Cable Damage

There are a three common causes of garage door cable damage:

1. The cables were installed improperly

Garage door springs are highly sensitive and when not installed properly can cause enough tension to snap cables. At the same time, if the springs are not tense enough it can cause the cables to become loose and fail. Tension springs are required to handle the weight of your garage doors when they are open. If not installed properly they won’t provide proper support so the cables will either be too loose and fall of the track, or snap from the added tension. Both scenarios are quite dangerous if the damage occurs when someone is standing near or below the doors.

2. The garage door pulleys are damaged

Damaged pulleys weaken cables due to constant friction. When this happens, the cables weaken and eventually snap or break.

3. The garage door track is misaligned

Garage door tracks can start to shift under constant use. This leads to misalignments that impacts the entire system. When other parts of the system are damaged, it impacts your cables and springs. If you continue to operate your garage doors with misaligned tracks, you are increasing risk for complete malfunction as every part is impacted including the hinges and bolts. If you notice the garage doors have become very noisy, wobble when in operation, or often have difficulty closing or opening completely, it is probably related to misaligned tracks. This calls for garage door maintenance to prevent damage or serious injury.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Cables

Wear and tear causes the cables to weaken over time. While cable wear is inevitable, other reasons your cables might break include improper track alignment that strains other parts of the garage doors. Corrosion is also damaging to cables. 

Garage doors have several components that all depend on each other for safe operation. Once one part is damaged, if it is not repaired, it has a domino effect. As soon as your cables become worn or damaged, it impacts other parts of your garage door system. A damaged garage door cable makes using your garage doors dangerous, as the cables carry the garage door’s weight and can fail, dropping the doors and causing serious damage or injury.

This is difficult to say as it depends on how often you use your garage doors. Known as the “cycle count” of your garage door, the average use of a garage door should see your cables last from 8 to 15 years. To increase the life span of your cables, annual garage door maintenance is recommended.

Your garage door system has two cables. The moment a garage door cable breaks, the other cable takes on the weight of the garage door. As a result, the door can’t be lifted as it becomes unbalanced.

It’s hard to miss a broken cable because your garage door will become crooked. Also, you’ll likely hear it snap if it happens suddenly. The door will look off the track and won’t lift or close.

Garage door cables come in pairs to carry the weight of the doors equally. They work in unison with each other, but also along with the torsion and extension springs. All of these parts work together to counterbalance the weight of the doors. However, their primary purpose is to help lift and safely lower the door.

If you call in the Profix team to repair your garage door cable, we will send a professional technician to your home. They will first inspect your garage door to confirm the cable is causing the issues. They will also identify any other issues. The garage door opener will be disabled so the technician can release the tension by manually opening the garage door. They will insert clamps, so the door remains open and to keep them safe as they perform the repairs. They will then unhook the springs so they can remove the broken cable. The new cable will be installed, the springs will be rehooked, and the clamps will be removed. Your garage door will be turned on, and you can safely use your garage doors again. 

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