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Garage door cable repair and replacement

When you have damaged garage door cables, it eventually becomes impossible to open your garage doors safely and smoothly. Snapped or damaged cables can also cause damage to the entire garage door system if you continue to operate your garage doors. At Profix we always recommend you stop using your doors and call our team if your doors aren’t operating properly. We will assess your garage doors and determine if you require garage door wire replacement to avoid costly damage and the risk of accidents down the road.

Garage door cable repair and replacement

What are Garage Door Cables?

Garage cables play an important role in working with torsion and extension springs to operate your garage doors safely. They are located on either side of your door and are needed to move the door up and down smoothly without the risk of falling. When either garage door cable is damaged or snapped it places stress on the other side. As a result, it’s just a matter of time before the remaining cable snaps, increasing the risk of personal injury or damage to your vehicle. The force of a cable can cause serious lacerations when they snap. The broken cable also causes the door to fall as the support system for the garage doors is not functioning properly.

At Profix Garage Door Repair Inc. our skilled technicians have the knowledge to quickly assess your garage door and determine if it is time to replace your cable. We will provide an estimate for the replacement and then proceed with the installation with your approval. It is highly recommended you proceed with cable replacement to avoid costly damage to other components of your garage door system and the risk of injury to family members.

What Causes Garage Door Cable Damage?

The three most common causes of garage door cable damage include:

1. Improper installation

Tension springs handle the weight of your garage doors when they are open. If the springs are not installed properly, your garage door’s weight won’t have proper support. When this happens, the cables will either be too loose and fall off the track or snap from the added tension.

2. Damaged garage door pulleys

Damaged pulleys weaken your garage door cables with ongoing friction. The friction weakens the cables over time which will eventually cause them to snap. This calls for garage door wire replacement.

3. Misaligned garage door track

Garage door tracks are another major component of your garage door system. After years of use, they can begin to shift which puts them out of alignment. As a result, your entire system is at risk including your cables and springs. Each time you open and close the garage doors you are at risk of issues as more and more pressure is placed on the entire system from the hinges and bolts to the cables. As soon as you notice your garage door becomes noisier, wobbly or hesitant when operating, you should call Profix to check the alignment and any other damage that could be causing the issue.


At Profix we offer residential garage door cable replacement by our certified, highly trained and experienced garage door experts. You can enjoy the advantages of working with Profix including:


We use the highest quality parts and offer a 3-year warranty on all parts used during the cable replacement process.


We stand behind every garage door wire replacement process we perform, taking every precaution to ensure your garage doors open and close smoothly before we leave. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our work, our technicians will return to make things right.

Why Professional Garage Door Cable Replacement is Recommended

Garage doors have several components that must work together to ensure safe operation. Tracks, cables and springs must be balanced and it just takes one mistake to create complete failure. As well, when any one part is out of alignment or improperly installed it leads to faster wear of other parts. Cables can snap when pulled too tight, causing the doors to fall quickly putting you and your vehicle at risk. Professional installation ensures every aspect is managed properly, and that the force and weight of the door are controlled to avoid accidents. The force of a garage door and springs is quite dangerous and must be handled by an expert to ensure that all considerations for safety are addressed and your door functions properly.

Our Garage Door Cable Replacement Experts

Profix’s team of highly trained and experienced garage door opener cable replacement experts are manufacturer trained. We ensure we use the right parts for perfectly smooth operation and function. We also assess all functioning parts to determine what parts are still in good enough condition to avoid replacement and reduce the costs of the repairs and installation. Our free estimates ensure we provide only exactly what you need based on your specific situation, with professional recommendations that provide 100% satisfaction.

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