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Garage door panel replacement

Your garage door panels are the exterior facing side of your garage doors. They play an important role in curb appeal, while also impacting the security of your home. They are exposed to the elements season after season and year after year. As a result, they can start to appear worn, with peeling paint, rust, damaged handles and more. Garage door panels can also be damaged due to accidents such as your garage door being hit by kids playing in your driveway, your garage door hitting an object when opening or closing, or even ramming your garage door with your vehicle. Regardless of the reason, Profix offers garage door panel replacement to restore your garage door back to its original glory. This is often a much more cost-effective option than complete door replacement, especially for relatively new garage doors. You can count on our team to provide perfectly matched panels for your existing garage door with highly efficient service.

Garage door panel replacement

What is a Garage Door Panel?

Overhead garage doors consist of four “panels” that allow the garage door to bend as it rises. Each panel is installed as a separate entity and can be replaced when damaged.

Customized Garage Door Panel Replacement

We specialize in garage door panel replacement for doors of all styles and materials. Whether you have simple dents from hockey practice in your driveway or the panel is completely damaged by severe impact, we will match your panels for a unified look so no one will be the wiser! We can repair and replace the following types of garage door panels:

  • Metal: Aluminum and steel garage panels are very sturdy but unfortunately vulnerable to dents and scrapes. In some cases, dents can be repaired, but for serious damage, we can simply replace the entire panel perfectly matched to the garage door design and colour.
  • Wood: Wood panels are naturally insulating but are higher maintenance than metal garage doors. The weather can rot out wood panels, especially the bottom panel where it can sit in pooled water or get damaged by salt during the winter months. Wood panels are also vulnerable to damage by insects.

Replacing the Garage Door Panel vs, the Entire Garage Door

There are a few things to consider when deciding if it makes more sense to replace the garage door panel or the entire garage door:

  • Age: If the garage door is over 20 years old, it is going to require more and more repairs which will quickly add up. In this case, it makes more sense to compare the price of the panel to the price of a new garage door. Keeping in mind this is the first panel, and likely not the last to replace, the whole door tends to make more sense. We will provide an estimate so you can compare prices to help you decide. If the door is 10 years or younger, your door should have many years ahead. In this case, panel replacement is best. The older your doors, the harder it becomes to find exact “off the shelf” panels which means you are entering customized territory. Although all garage doors are customized based on size and colour, the design elements are based on existing panels you order to suit your needs.
  • Damage: We can often perform garage door panel repair, instead of having to replace the entire panel if the damage is minor. However, if there was a major impact on the door, the integrity of the panel is usually compromised. In this case, we will check all the panels and mechanisms of the garage door and let you know if you might require an entire door replacement. If the door is wood and damage was caused by insects that are still active, it is safe to replace the entire door with metal and reduce the risk of insects spreading to the rest of your home.
  • Maintenance: If you have taken good care of your garage door and it seems to be in good condition, replacing the panel will be fine. However, as with the above scenario, if the door has a lot of rusty, worn parts, an entirely new garage door system is often required.
  • Appearance: If your garage doors are looking a little worse for wear, this could be the perfect time to consider an upgrade. Garage doors are massive so have a lot of visual impact on your home’s curb appeal. In fact, they are the highest ROI for all home upgrades because of that impact. That means it is well worth the investment to consider new garage doors over replacement panels if the current look is negatively impacting the look of your home.

We are happy to provide an assessment and estimate of panel replacement vs a new garage door to help you decide which is right for you. It is important to keep in mind that in some cases wood panels can be just as much as an entirely new door depending on the design and type of wood. Our first priority is to find cost-effective garage door solutions that suit your needs.

Garage Door Window Replacement

If your garage door windows are damaged, we can also replace the window panel with your choice of lovely designs. You can choose insulated or non-insulated windows to suit your needs. We can also replace broken window glass if only one window is damaged.

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