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Our professional garage door services include the installation of new garage doors and garage door openers. Our garage doors are both beautiful and functional, adding curb appeal and improving the security of your home. Our team of garage door experts will help you find the best options to increase home value and provide smooth operation for years of enjoyment.

We understand pride of ownership is important to homeowners and work with you to find the best solutions to suit your budget, security needs, and sense of style. No two homeowners are alike, which is why we believe in offering individualized solutions customized to each customer’s needs.

Our impressive selection of garage doors and openers allow you to find the best options and combination of features to improve the appearance of your home and the functionality of your garage door.


Our team of highly trained and skilled service professionals offer prompt service to assess your garage door and provide affordable repairs to prolong the life of your garage doors and openers.

We understand your garage doors must remain fully operational for your safety and security. A delay in service can keep you from getting on with your day. That’s why we respond quickly and schedule your appointment right away.


Profix has invested years of hard work to build our reputation as a leading GTA & Barrie Area garage door expert. Our team of certified, highly trained technicians offers residential garage door installation services with the advantages that come with experience including:

7X8 New Garage Doors

Starting From

$1,950 Schedule Now

7X9 New Garage Doors

Starting From

$2,100 Schedule Now

7X10 New Garage Doors

Starting From

$2,250 Schedule Now

8X8 New Garage Doors

Starting From

$2,195 Schedule Now

7X16 New Garage Doors

Starting From

$2,900 Schedule Now

8X16 New Garage Doors

Starting From

$3,000 Schedule Now

New Garage Door Openers

Starting From

$695 Including Labour & Parts Schedule Now


We stand behind our work and use only top-quality parts for all garage door installations. Our garage door installations provide long-lasting results and smooth operation ensuring we meet the manufacturer’s standards to enjoy free repairs and parts replacement during the life of your garage door opener’s lifetime.


We don’t only honour warranties but stand behind every garage door we install. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our work, our technicians will return to make things right.

Garage Door Installations #1 for ROI

Garage door installations were rated the top home improvement to see the highest ROI for homeowners. In fact, it is one of the very few home improvements providing almost full recovery of your investment. Why? Because garage doors make a major first impression, while also serving a very practical purpose for homeowners. We understand the importance of finding the right garage doors to improve the aesthetics of your home. Our garage door experts can help you create a customized look perfectly suited to the design and architecture of your house.

Customized Garage Door Process

Every garage door we create is customized based on our customer’s choices. You can choose the following details using our garage door design tool:

  • Colour: Most door styles come in your choice of White, Almost, Desert Tan, Sandstone, Brown, Gray or Black
  • Size: 8/9’, 10’, 12’ 14/15’, 16/17/18’, 20/22’ and 24’
  • Window styles: For all but Aluminium Full Panel doors, window styles include Sherwood, Williamsburg, Cascade, Cathedral, Stockton, Stockbridge, Waterton and Prairie that are also customized based on window glass
  • Window glass choices include: Clear, Satin, Bronze, Gray, Gray Lite, and Pattern.
  • Panel design options include: Raised, Carriage House, Flush, Recessed, Louvred and Aluminum Full View
  • Garage door openers can also be customized based on the level of security and mechanisms to improve smooth or silent operation
  • Accessories can be added such as faux hinges for Carriage House panels.
  • Insulation: You can improve the energy efficiency of your garage doors using state-of-the-art insulation. Sandwich construction envelopes polystyrene insulation pressure bonded between two sheets of hot-dipped galvanized steel to enhance your home’s energy savings. It also makes your door operation quieter and reduces exterior noise in your garage.

Everything is customized based on your taste and budget.

Materials for Garage Doors

Garage door replacements come in various materials that impact the look, durability and energy efficiency of your doors. The materials also impact cost. Profix specializes in steel doors for added beauty, durability and energy efficiency. Even our garage door windows offer insulated and non-insulated options to suit your needs. Our garage doors are designed to withstand day-to-day wear and tear including bumps and scratches and exposure to the harsh elements of Ontario weather.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Our team can include a garage door opener installation with your new garage doors. You can improve security, safety, and access with a remote-control garage door opener that makes it easy to avoid getting out of the car in foul weather. It also offers a secure way for kids to enter the home without the need for a key using a secure password and keypad. We include garage door opener costs in our quotes to ensure there are no hidden fees.

Why Include Garage Door Windows?

Garage door windows add curb appeal to your home. As mentioned, you can choose the window design to create the right look for your home. Windows come in both insulated and non-insulated options to suit your budget. They also come with different grill patterns to add more detail and charm to your garage doors.

Our Garage Door Installation Experts

Profix has a team of highly trained and experienced garage door installers who take pride in their craft. They are manufacturer-trained to ensure your garage door and garage door openers are properly installed to protect your warranty. Our technicians will assess your garage to determine what parts are required. They can install your garage doors using a functioning, existing garage door opener, or remove and replace the garage door opener with a new model. Our free consultations ensure we provide exactly what you need based on your specific situation, with professional recommendations that provide 100% satisfaction.

Our Garage Door Installation Warranty

Profix offers a 3-year warranty on parts for your garage doors. If you include a garage door opener installation, your garage door opener warranty is based on the manufacturer you choose. We stand behind our work and the brands we sell knowing we only install the top-performing brands in the industry. We will explain the warranties specific to your order and provide the required paperwork to register your garage door opener and garage door warranties. This ensures all costs are covered for parts for the life of the warranty.

Improved Operation With Quality Hardware

We ensure your garage doors operate for years to come using the highest quality garage door hardware available. There are many working parts involved in garage door installation including the hardware required to open and close your garage door safely. We ensure all parts including the rollers, tracks, cables, and springs are installed and adjusted properly for smooth operation and safety to extend the life of your garage doors.

Garage Door Maintenance

We recommend our customers call us for annual garage door maintenance to prolong the life of their new garage doors. We will check all the components, apply necessary adjustments and ensure everything is in tip-top working order. With annual garage door maintenance, you avoid costly repairs down the line. We also avoid further damage caused by misalignments and shifts that put undue strain on your garage doors and garage door components.


At Profix we understand your garage doors must function properly to allow you to leave and enter your garage safely. We offer garage door repairs starting with a quick assessment to determine what repairs are required. We then perform same day repairs so you can get on with your day.

We offer garage door repairs for all scenarios, whether your garage door is off its tracks, has a snapped or loose cable, or your garage door opener isn’t working. We are available 24/7 so your home is never left vulnerable to intruders because your door hasn’t closed properly, or without a safe exit for a garage door that no longer opens. We keep your garage safe and secure.


At Profix we understand your garage doors are one of the most prominent features of your home. Whether they are not functioning properly or look a little worse for wear, when it comes time to replace your garage doors you can depend on our experts to find a solution suited to your budget.

We offer a selection of stunning garage door options to increase curb appeal and ensure you can enter and leave your garage safely. Our garage doors are also highly secure and designed for perfect form and function.

Let our team provide the garage doors you need to maintain the value and enjoyment of your home.


Profix specializes in new garage doors customized to suit your taste and budget. We offer stunning garage door designs that align with leading trends, so your home’s curb appeal gets an instant update that’s sure to impress.

Our wide selection of panel and window designs allows you to customize your garage doors to suit the style of your home. Whether it is raised panels for a timeless, classic look, carriage house panels for a sophisticated, traditional look, or recessed panels for a less fussy look we have the traditional look covered.

However, if you are all about modern designs, we also offer sleek and clean flush panels, less fussy recessed panels, ultra-modern aluminum full-view panels. We even have louvered panels for a bit of Caribbean or Key West flair.


Garage door openers ensure your doors remain secure and open and close safely. At Profix, we offer safe installation of new garage door openers. Our experienced installers follow industry best practices and the standards of the manufacturer to ensure smooth, dependable operation day after day.

We carry leading garage door opener brands with state-of-the-art features, including Chamberlain and Liftmaster. New technologies, including security features, easy entry options and keypad locks make operating your new garage door opener a breeze. You choose from chain, belt or direct drive openers to find the best solution for your home and budget.

We offer accurate estimates and timely installation schedules so you have your new garage door opener fully operational in no time.


At Profix we understand issues with your garage door can make it difficult to leave your home, maintain security and also safely operate your garage doors. We offer garage off-track repairs with quick service to manage this very common issue. You can depend on our emergency repair team 24/7 when key components are damaged, and worn impacting, the main operating parts.

When parts come off the track, we offer effective solutions to prolong the lifetime of your garage door and garage door opener, ensuring your doors operate safely and close securely.


At Profix we have seen hundreds of cases of damaged garage door cables that make it impossible for customers to open and close their garage doors smoothly. In fact, this is one of the most dangerous forms of repair and damage as if a garage door cable snaps when you or a family member are nearby, it can cause serious injury.

We are here 24/7 to address this serious issue with quick response, accurate estimates, and on-the-spot repairs and replacement. We ensure your door is secure and presents no danger of falling on your vehicles or family members.


At Profix, we specialize in garage door opener repairs with a team of manufacturer-trained technicians who ensure every detail is managed correctly. We understand that a broken garage door opener presents security and safety risks for your family.

We are quick to respond and will perform an assessment to determine what is causing the issues. Our technician will then provide an accurate estimate explaining what repairs are required and perform on-the-spot repairs so you can get on with your day. We stand behind all garage door opener repairs we perform with a commitment to getting it done right the first time.


Profix provides garage door spring replacement services allowing you to operate your garage door safely. With so many moving parts, your garage doors become more vulnerable to wear and tear as they age.

This can lead to minor issues but often requires the replacement of major components, such as your garage door springs. Proper operation of your garage door springs is key, as they are under tremendous pressure every time the door opens and closes.

They carry the full weight of the garage doors as they rise and fall, and if they are not working properly can cause the door to drop quickly and suddenly. We ensure your doors remain safe with quick responses to your calls. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


When you have damaged garage door cables, it makes it impossible for your garage doors to operate properly. It also increases the risk of sudden snaps that can cause damage to your entire system, as well as your vehicle and anyone who is nearby.

We offer 24/7 emergency calls for your damaged garage doors and will quickly assess your cables to determine if they require replacement. Replacement ensures the safe operation of your garage doors.

We will provide an estimate and perform the replacement on the spot by a highly trained expert who understands the entire garage door system. Once the work is done, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee ensuring everything is done properly and to the highest standards.


Your garage door panels play an important role in curb appeal while also impacting the security of your home. At Profix, our garage door experts have seen the damage constant exposure to the elements causes for garage door panels, from rotting wood to peeling paint and rusty damaged handles to panels that fall out.

We keep your garage doors looking their best, whether worn from age or damaged in an accident. We are able to match the exact look of your existing garage doors and also provide garage door window replacement.

We can explain the costs to replace the door panel compared to full garage door replacement so you can make an informed decision and spend your money wisely.

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