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Garage door opener installation

At Profix we specialize in garage door opener installation for convenience and increased home security. Installing a garage door opener correctly is key to protecting your property, keeping your family safe, and avoiding damage to your garage doors or vehicle. Our professional technicians are manufacturer trained to ensure they properly measure, assess what additional parts are required, and meet the specific needs of your garage height and garage door slope. Proper installation in hand with the use of key hardware ensures your garage door remains under warranty. Profix ensures your garage doors open and close smoothly to reduce wear and tear and increase security and safety.

Garage door opener installation


At Profix we’ve worked hard to build our reputation as a leading garage door expert in the GTA & Barrie Area. We offer residential garage door opener installation with a team of certified, highly trained and experienced garage door experts. As a result, you can enjoy the advantages Profix offers including:


We don’t just honour warranties but stand behind every garage door opener installation we perform. We offer unmatched service with a team of highly trained garage door opener specialists, taking every precaution to ensure your garage door opener is installed correctly. The doors are tested to make sure operation is smooth and safe before we leave, ensuring you understand how to operate your garage door opener properly. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our work, our technicians will return to make things right.

Why Professional Garage Door Installation Is Recommended

The inner components of a garage door opener are highly complex. Each component used to install a garage door opener impacts how quickly the parts will wear out. As well, all components are designed to work together with external parts such as the tracks, cables and springs to create a safe, smooth operation. When even a single element is installed incorrectly, it creates a domino effect that starts to wear out parts faster. Professional installation begins with proper measurement to assess height and slope.

The force of a garage door becomes dangerous when installing and adjusting the system. This is highly technical and extremely dangerous. Because the force function of the garage door is a safety feature, improper installation of these elements can lead to serious injury or damage. For example, garage doors are designed to stop operating if they detect obstacles in the way, or if they get caught on something. Improper installation can interfere with this function, leading to damage to garage door parts or your vehicle. It can also cause injury to anyone in the area. Springs are also under tremendous pressure and cause serious injury when not handled properly during the installation process. Cables can snap when pulled too tight, and misalignment of the rails will interfere with proper function. Even slight misalignment can quickly wear out parts. This damage will not be covered under your garage door opener warranty as it will be determined the doors were not installed properly.

Our Garage Door Installation Experts

Profix has a team of highly trained and experienced garage door opener installers who take pride in their work. They are manufacturer trained to ensure your garage door openers are properly installed. This protects your warranty. Our technicians will assess your garage to determine what parts are required. From there we ensure we use the right parts for perfectly smooth operation and function. In fact, in some cases, they can install your garage door opener using existing parts that are in perfect condition to reduce costs. Our free consultations ensure we provide exactly what you need based on your specific situation, with professional recommendations that provide 100% satisfaction.

Installing the Highest Quality Garage Door Openers

We install leading garage door opener brands to guarantee smooth operation, durability and increased security:

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain has been manufacturing garage door openers for over 40 years. They continue to make innovative breakthroughs to improve the safety, convenience and security of their garage door systems.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster is a leader in technological advances that provide smooth garage door operation for years to come. Improved security and smart features are just part of their commitment to finding new ways to improve functionality.

Opener Brands We Install

Replacement Garage Door Opener Installation

Profix offers replacement garage door openers to suit your budget:

  • CHAIN DRIVE: Enjoy the conveniences of a dependable, secure garage door opener suited for anyone.
  • BELT DRIVE: This is the choice for attached garages, offering smooth, quiet operation to limit noise inside your home.
  • DIRECT DRIVE: Designed for garages that can’t accommodate a ceiling-mounted opener, this model also reduces noise and vibrations.

Whether you go with the basic model or include all the bells and whistles for the latest security and smart features, you can depend on each garage door opener installation to deliver smooth operation.

New Garage Door Openers

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