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Garage door maintenance services

At Profix we understand you depend on your garage doors every day. That’s why we offer garage door maintenance services for our customers throughout the GTA & Barrie Area. With so many working parts, your garage doors are susceptible to all kinds of damage from wear and tear. Over the years each part is impacted by constant use, which means your garage doors could use some TLC every now and then. We recommend you book regular garage door maintenance at least once a year to address any possible issues and help keep your garage doors operating at peak performance.

Our trained technicians offer expertise in garage door operation and have the problem-solving skills to address issues they discover the same day. If you want to prolong the life of your garage door, you can trust the Profix team to keep it well-maintained for years of safe operation.

Garage door maintenance services

What Does Garage Door Maintenance Involve?

Garage door maintenance consists of a thorough inspection and series of small repairs and adjustments that keep your doors safe and secure. Our garage door technicians will:

Inspect the Door’s Operation

We inspect the garage door to look for signs of misalignment, jerky or hesitant operation or sounds that indicate the door’s function is compromised. We will then pinpoint the issues and make minor adjustments covered under our maintenance plan. For work not covered, we take note of what repairs are required and present an estimate once our inspection is complete.

Inspect the Parts

An inspection of each component is also called for, even if the door seems to operate smoothly. As parts wear down, the door is at higher risk for serious damage. We will identify parts in need of replacement and inform you of any costs not covered under the warranty before proceeding with repairs or replacement.

Perform a Safety Test

This is one of the most important steps of maintenance. There are several things that are checked and double-checked to reduce the risk of injury or damage to the doors or your vehicle, including the balance, reverse operation, staying in place when the door is stopped mid-motion, stopping when an obstacle is presented, etc.

Technical Check

Technology working with the door, such as sensors, must also be checked. We consider the location of the beams and other sensors to make sure they are in the ideal position. We test and retest the sensors for things such as their response to movement and obstacles. Adjustments are made as required.

Garage Door Opener

If you have a garage door opener we will inspect the mechanisms, ensure it responds to commands via the remote or smart technology, and generally make sure that all parts are in working order. General maintenance such as lubricating the chain is also carried out. Anything that is broken and not under warranty will be added to the costs on our recommended repairs estimate. Batteries and light bulbs are also replaced as required.

Lubricating Garage Door

We test all parts and make adjustments as required. This commonly includes testing, cleaning and lubricating garage door springs, rollers and tracks to maintain optimum function. This also helps reduce unnecessary friction that increases wear and tear on parts. We also determine if we need to adjust the tension of the torsion springs based on how quickly or slowly the garage door opens.

Additional Repairs

Once the entire inspection and maintenance work is complete, we present you with an estimate in the case where additional repairs or replacements are recommended. We will discuss the benefits of each recommendation, as well as what repairs are absolutely necessary to ensure the safe operation of your garage door. If the work is approved, most repairs can be made on the spot. In the case where special replacement parts are required, we will place the order and return as soon as the part is received.

Why Your Garage Doors Require Maintenance

Regular garage door maintenance keeps your garage doors operating safely while also extending the life of garage door elements. In some cases, maintenance is also necessary to ensure repairs and parts replacement are covered for the life of the warranty. For warranty coverage, maintenance must be performed by an approved, trained garage door technician, who records their visit and any work performed. Profix’s technicians are fully trained and can address all garage door-related issues. We can provide same-day repairs when we detect issues at your garage door maintenance appointments and will explain why we recommend repairs or part replacements and provide a thorough estimate for the costs. Although it might seem your garage doors are operating smoothly, maintenance ensures every component is thoroughly inspected and operation is tested for safety and security.

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