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Garage door replacement services

Garage doors consist of many moving parts that must operate together to open and close smoothly. Each part also contributes to the security and safety of your doors. However, over time parts can wear down and require replacement. When you find your springs, cables, rollers or panels aren’t operating properly, you can depend on us to arrive promptly to make a thorough assessment. We use only the highest quality parts to ensure you can safely open and close your garage doors and that the integrity of their appearance remains intact.

At Profix we understand your garage doors are one of the most prominent features of your home. If you have put off replacement due to budget worries, garage door replacements can easily be designed with hundreds of possible configurations. The right design can save you money while providing perfectly functioning, beautiful new garage doors. Garage door replacements also provide the highest ROI of any other home improvement – including kitchen renos. You can feel confident knowing your investment will see almost 95% returned when you sell your home. This is because garage doors serve a very practical purpose for homeowners while also making a major first impression.

Garage door replacement services

Finding the right garage doors is a fundamental part of improving the aesthetics of your home. Our garage door experts can help you create a customized look with the ideal colour and design details to complement the look of your home. In addition, our manufacturer-trained garage door installers can ensure your new garage doors are properly installed for added safety and security for years to come. We also offer the following garage door replacements:

  • Garage door lock replacement
  • Garage door panel replacement
  • Garage door latch replacement
  • Garage door cable replacement
  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Garage door roller replacement

Signs You Need a Garage Door Replacement

There are several signs that tell you your garage door is on its way out:

Changes in Speed

Garage doors should respond as soon as you click the remote. If they hesitate this is a sign some of the components are not functioning properly. If they do open, they should never fly open, or struggle to open taking minutes to reach the fully opened position. When they open too fast, they put you at risk for injury or damage to your vehicle. If they open too slowly, they are struggling to carry the weight of the door. We can assess your garage door to determine if you require garage door repairs or replacement.

Increasing Noise

Increased noise could indicate a part needs replacement. However, noise is never a good sign. We can check your doors to see what is causing the noise and determine if you need a part replaced, or if it’s time to consider a full garage door replacement.

Security Risk

If your garage door won’t close completely, this poses a security risk. Depending on how far they remain open an intruder can quickly access your home. Even a slight opening makes it easier for intruders to use tools to gain access. You also become more vulnerable to pests and wildlife moving into your home.


If you experience even a single issue where your garage door does not operate safely such as sudden drops, or not stopping when someone is in the way, you need to have your garage doors assessed for safety risks.

Outdated or Worn Appearance

Your garage doors are massive and take up a good deal of your home front. As a result, they have a huge impact on curb appeal. If your garage doors look worn and outdated, it could be time for an update to maintain the value of your home. Garage doors generate the highest return on investment because homebuyers are impacted immediately by their aesthetic appeal.

Tech Envy

If you are envious of the smart technology and security features of your neighbour’s garage doors, it might be time to learn more about the latest advancements you are missing out on! Things such as touchpad entry for kids coming home from school or being able to activate the door from a block away on a cold or rainy night can make life so much easier.

Ongoing Repairs

If it seems you are investing more and more money in garage door repairs, such as replacing broken windows, painting and repainting peeled, faded paint, or replacing major parts like springs, it is probably worth getting a quote for a garage door replacement.

Energy Efficiency

You’d be surprised how much energy poorly insulated or fitted garage doors can waste. If you have an attached garage or a room above your garage, fluctuating garage temperatures can put extra demand on your energy bills. If you find the rooms closest to your garage tend to be the hottest rooms in the summer and coldest in the winter, it could be time for new insulated garage doors.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we offer garage door repairs as a great first step to deciding if it makes more sense to repair or replace your garage doors. We offer honest quotes that are completely transparent so you can make an informed decision.

Customized Garage Door Process

Our team of highly skilled garage door experts and easy-to-use garage door design app allows you to select the features and colour you desire to create a beautiful garage door you’ll love. Our easy-to-use app helps you choose the following important details:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Windows
  • Panel design
  • Garage door opener
  • Accessories
  • Insulation

You can customize based on your taste, budget or both to create the perfect door for your specific needs.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Our team also installs garage door openers. This is the ultimate solution to complement your garage door replacement. New garage door openers improve security, safety and access with smart home technology. We can include the cost of a new garage door opener and installation when providing a quote, or simply use your existing garage door opener when installing your garage door replacement.

Our Garage Door Installation Warranty

Profix offers a 3-year warranty on parts for your garage doors. If you include a garage door opener installation, your garage door opener warranty is based on the manufacturer you choose. We stand behind our work and the brands we sell knowing we only install the top-performing brands in the industry. We will explain the warranties specific to your order and provide the required paperwork to register your garage door and garage door warranties to cover the costs of repairs for the life of the warranty.

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